Public Beta Version 4 of the 3D Gym Design Software for MacOS

  • After opening the software, you will need to register an account:
  • To initially open the program, you will need to be online so the software can verify your user information.  Afterwards however, there is an “offline mode” on the software so that you can use it without an internet connection.


  • Download the .dmg file after checkout (no credit card required). You will see the download link on your receipt page, or you can find it in the “Downloads” section of your account after checkout.
  • The file will be compressed upon initial download. Unzip the file to your desktop.
  • Double-click on the .dmg file to open it.
  • A folder will open and you will see a graphic instructing you to drag the software into your Applications folder
  • Go to your Applications folder and open up the 3D Gym Design software
  • Depending on your security settings, users may get a security notice that the software is from an ‘unrecognized developer.’ If so, you will need to go to your Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Allow apps downloaded from…. you will need to specify here for your mac to allow opening of the 3D Gym Design software.


  • Shift + Mouse (or Hand tool) = Pan the scene
  • Option + Mouse = Rotate around a specific point
  • Control + Mouse = Rotate the camera
  • Mouse wheel or 2 finger drag on touch pad = zoom in and zoom out of scene
  • Arrow keys or AWSD = move left, right, top and bottom in scene
  • Delete key = delete selected object
  • Alternative navigation: 2 finger press and mouse movements + AWSD(Left,Front,Back,Right) + QE(Down,Up)
Please watch our YouTube playlist of tutorials on using the new 3D Gym Design Software
There are lots of additional features that are being developed for future implementation, but this Public Beta version has what we considered to be the minimum features we wanted for release.  We certainly welcome any feature requests that you have, but we’d be most interested to hear about your experience with the features currently implemented in this Beta version.
We hope that you enjoy your experience with 3D Gym Design – Beta, and sincerely appreciate your time and any feedback you can provide to help us make this the absolute best gym design tool available anywhere.