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The BRAND NEW Free Web Version Is Now Live! Start designing in seconds with the new web based version of 3D Gym Design!  This version has enhanced features and is continuously updated.  No download necessary!


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Use our 3D Gym Design software to create your gym with equipment and mats designed exactly to manufacturer’s specifications.  Plus, you’ll see a real-time quote on all your equipment while you design!


Done For You!

Do you have a complex project and/or need to send detailed plans to your architect or contractor? Let us design your dream gym for you.  Just fill out the short questionnaire and we’ll reply back with a quote.

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Software Features

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Beautifully Accurate

All equipment and mats were designed according to manufacturer's specifications.

Designed with Precise Detail

You can rest assured that the equipment and mat dimensions are accurate in your gym design

Drag & Drop

Our simple drag and drop interface allows you to quickly add equipment and mats to your design.

Easy to Add and Move Items

Items are categorized by apparatus so you can quickly find the equipment you need and drag it into your design.

Rotate and Move

Quickly rotate items and move items along any axis to perfectly position them in your design

3-Axis Rotation and Movement

The information panel on the right-side of the software indicates the exact amount of rotation and position of your object in the design.

Customize Objects

Create custom sized mats specific for your needs and change the colors to match your gym colors.

Scale and Color Items

Mats, foam and carpet bonded foam can all be customized in size and color to meet your specific needs.

Real-Time Quotes

See a real-time quote of all the items currently in your gym design

Export Itemized List of Items

Export an itemized list of items from your gym design, complete with real-time pricing (Free) and actual inventory valuation (Pro Users only).

Maintenance Logs

(Pro Version) Easy-to-complete inspection checklists for every item help you maintain your equipment

Keep Your Equipment Safe!

(Pro Version) Each piece of equipment or mat has an inspection checklist specific for that item that helps you easily log when it was last checked. Add pictures and notes for more detailed records.

Video Tutorials

Get a glimpse of the software in action.

Basic Overview

Change Mat Colors

Purchase Products

Export Inventory

Use the Grid

Use the Viewer

1st Person Walk-Thrus

GymSpect Maintenance

Create In-Ground Pits

Working with Multiple Objects

Navigating the Scene

Projects We’ve Done For Customers

Click on the images below to see some examples of our Done For You gym designs.  When you have large complex projects, or need to send detailed specifications over to your architects and contractors, let us handle this for you.  We also can provide video walk-throughs for you to showcase to potential investors to better market your project.

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Do it Yourself – Free Web Version!


Do it Yourself Software


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